Essential Oils

Premium distilleries for essential oils

Essential oils
Stills that are used for steam distillation to produce hydrosols and essential oils can generally also be used for hobby purposes. As a rule, smaller devices are used for the hobby. Distilleries with a boiler volume of up to 2 liters are also exempt from registration. However, any larger stills must be reported to the responsible customs office and may not be used in conjunction with alcohol. However, it is possible to make fruit or herbal spirits from hydrosols by mixing them with taxed alcohol. Alcohol may not be used in private areas only in the still.

Large premium stills up to 48 liters of plant space optimized for essential oils


Optimized distilling plant for steam distillation for the production of essential oil

Essential oils by steam distillation. The DESTILLIERMEISTER E7448-Premium-Plus model 2022 still is optimized for the extraction of essential oils. It has a drug volume of 48 liters. Essential oil obtained by means of steam towing distillation has a particularly high quality because the temperature in the drug container remains below the evaporation temperatures of the water and the oils with this process, thus protecting the essential aromas. In particular, the stainless steel stills of the premium models of the DESTILLIERMEISTER E series work with a pressure-reducing pre-condenser, so that a particularly high product quality is achieved with these stills. After condensing the oil-bearing hydrosols in the pre-condenser, the downstream high-performance cooler cools the essential oils down to the required temperature.

For an optimal energy supply, a steam output of between 9 and 12 kW is required. In order to achieve this output, a heating output of between 23 and 30 kW would be required with an efficiency of 40%. This heat output is difficult to bring in via the bottom of the boiler. 


  • Water / steam boiler: 25 liters,

  • steam-dynamically optimized plant basket: 12 liters,

  • Plant box enlargement: up to 3 x 12 liters

  • Spherical helmet to reduce dripping loss.

  • Insulated standpipe to prevent premature condensation.

  • Precondensor to reduce pressure and temperature to preserve the essential aromas.

  • High performance counter flow cooler

  • Cooling system set up with a variable tripod so that the boiler can be reloaded independently of this.

More information
Safe standing when refilling the system

Because the cooling is now fixed at 6 points of the cooling coil, the system's periphery is now more stable when the still is removed for refilling.

This system is optimized in such a way that the bottom of the plant basket does not disturb the steam dynamics and the pressure loss when reducing the cross-section to the cooler is minimized. The plant basket extensions are designed without a bottom so that no drip losses occur when the plant space is multiplied. This avoids an increase in pressure in the boiler and the resulting vapor overheating, which would destroy heat-sensitive essential flavors. This was achieved through a high permeability of the 1st basket floor and a pre-condensation of the oily vapor in the pre-condenser. The steam is fed into the pre-condenser with only a slight cross-section reduction and pre-cooled, so that mostly hot condensed hydrolate is fed into the actual high-performance cooler. This means that the main cooler no longer generates any pressure loss.
Our own investigations with a test system optimized in this way have shown that the differential pressure to the environment in the unfilled system is less than 10 pascals, while before the optimization it was over 1000 pascals. This is a significant improvement and the technical requirements for steam distillation are now optimal.
When loading with plants, you should make sure that they are only poured loosely. Under no circumstances should the plants be compacted, as this can lead to the destruction of the steam dynamics. The ideal filling height of the plant baskets should be determined specifically by experiment. With sufficient steam throughput with fresh plants, it has been shown that 4 to 5 basket units are ideal.
To seal between the individual pots, the supplied profile seals are pulled onto the pot edges in such a way that the short lip is positioned on the outside of the pot edge. The plant baskets are being put on. In order for the steam dynamics to develop sufficiently with direct heating, the water boiler should only be filled with a maximum of 15 liters of water at the beginning. This water is enough for at least 3 distillations of a maximum of 1/2 hour.
The Premium-Plus 2022 model is already fitted with a 1" inlet tap and has an internal diffuser steam inlet device to direct externally generated steam into the boiler with less efficiency loss.

Insulation of the plant container or at least the helmet is also recommended, because oil is lost through condensation here when it cools down. This is largely avoided by insulation. In the case of external steam supply, the boiler should also be insulated. In the simplest case, insulation can be done by wrapping in thermal blankets.

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