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The distilleries listed in this category are free of registration in Germany and Austria up to a size of 2 liters. In Switzerland, distillates up to 2 liters of kettle size do not have to be displayed.
The offered stills are crafted in a small coppersmith's workshop. It may be that certain specimens are not available for a few weeks. In this case, check from time to time whether the desired item is available again.

Alquitara 5 to 150 Litres

Alquitara distilleries
The uncomplicated with the plus in aroma
The Alquitara still offers an amazingly simple and functional way to achieve great results. The perfect distillation especially for the distillation of essential oils.
Why should the cooler of a still standing sideways? At the Alquitara distillery, the cooling vessel sits on top and cools the ascending distillate directly again. Astonishingly simple and functional, especially in the production of essential oils.
New in our assortment: we have opened the Alquitaras in the upper boiler area and forged a suitable aroma sieve. The result is guaranteed the best distilleries for the production of essential oils. For this purpose, you may even own and use one of these distilling plants as a private individual. Since the boiler sizes are larger than 2 liters, you have to register them with Customs.

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"CopperGarden" still Alquitara 0,5L with spirit lamp
 "CopperGarden" still Alquitara 0,5L with spirit lamp 
0,5 liter still created according to examples of the original Arabian Alquitara. This model is (like the other CopperGarden® miniature stills) of top workmanship and is especially suitable for the production of aromatic schnapps and brandy. Please take note of the fine details in the pictures – in addition to it being fully functional, this still has a very attractive appearance. The filigree-worked stand for the small collection bowl gives an exclusive and classic overall impression.
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"CopperGarden®" 0.5-liters capacity column still

"CopperGarden®" 0.5-liters capacity column still

Unique! Quality versatile wide column still with a detachable column: for distilling essential oils and alcohol. Fast delivery.

Shipping weight: 1700 g

Availability: Immediate delivery from warehouse

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