Guarantee for CopperGarden items

Guarantee Policy
Hersfelder Strasse 16, 36132 Eiterfeld, Germany
All articles of our product line have been tested and approved by us. For this reason and as a trader, we grant additional guarantees that exceed the legal requirements of the manufacturers. The usual statutory warranty remains unaffected by this.
We love our products
We offer additional guarantees on our own products and brands and the articles from the following suppliers:
CopperGarden®   ❁   Al-Ambik®   ❁ Ferrari®Group ❁ Hecht Assistent®
Warranty Terms:
We offer a 2-years guarantee for all the products of the above-mentioned suppliers. Our lifetime products come with a 10-years guarantee that is also embedded in our product descriptions.
This guarantee is valid worldwide and does not expire by reselling or gifting a product to third parties.
We reserve the right with our best knowledge and conscience to replace an article in full, exchange parts, conduct repairs or refund the merchandise value.
We endeavour to handle guarantee claims in a timely manner and in your favour. It is our intention that whatever you purchase shall remain in good condition.
1.) Let us know in writing ( ) about the defect that your product is experiencing. Ideally, you attach photos that show the damage from different angles. Please also mention your invoice number or order ID for proper identification and faster processing of your request.
2.) On the basis of a detailed description and pictures, we can assess the damages easier and inform you about the next steps that we are planning to take. This can involve replacing the product, parts of it or to send you a refund if repairs cannot be conducted. In this case, you will receive a return document to send the item back to us free of charge and after receipt of the return, the merchandise value is going to be reimbursed.
3.) We replace or repair the part in question or the complete product and send it back to you free of charge.
Exclusion of Warranty Service
Please show empathy for the fact that the guarantee is not prolonged in case of replacement, exchange of spare parts or repairs. Please also be informed that all of our copper products are handmade and therefore, can deviate slightly in colour and size, can have light pressure marks or small dents. These are considered normal and not covered by the guarantee policy. Copper is a very soft and “living” material that can display colour changes daily. Small dents and pressure marks can easily be removed by pushing against the material. A plastic hammer can assist you in this process. Working with copper is a lot of fun…
Unfortunately, we have to exclude several damages. For example, incorrect handling of our products. At all times, please never overheat a copper pot or still boiler. There needs to remain residual liquid inside in order not to cause damage to the material during use.
Of course, this also includes injuries due to improper handling, violent impacts, inappropriate storage or modifications made by you. Please inform yourself about the correct handling prior to distilling. 

Our Word
Even though we are bound by legal warranty guidelines, we will assist you long after you have made your purchase and within the confines of our guarantee policy.
We are here for you, many years after your purchase. 
In case you are experiencing problems with our products, please feel free to contact us directly. We will try to find an uncomplicated solution for you, so that you will continue to feel happy using our products.
We love our products and strive to make you feel the same way! 
Many thanks for your trust!
Your Kai Moeller and
The Team of UNICOBRES GmbH & Co. KG