Legal Stills made from Copper for Austria

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Non-reportable stills for Austria, made of copper

"CopperGarden" still 0,5L "Charentais"

"CopperGarden" still 0,5L "Charentais"

Original French Cognac or brandy still, fully functional, 0,5 liters. With this still you can convert any wine (or leftover wine) into a fine brandy.

For the first time a genuine Charentais has been successfully miniaturized and at the same time has retained the full function. This premium copper still can distil in two steps: first, the contents of the boiler are slowly distilled, namely through the second boiler in the middle – and after that the heated contents can be poured out of the middle boiler.  

 The Charentais distils slowly and full of aroma! This type of still is traditionally used in the Charente in France (around the city of Cognac) for distilling the famous and unique Cognac.
 A decorative, and at the same time functional masterpiece – especially for lovers of brandy and Cognac.

EUR 249,00
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
"CopperGarden®" still "Karibik" (0,5 L) with spirit lamp
"CopperGarden®" still "Karibik" (0,5 L) with spirit lamp
Miniature still Karibik: rectify high proof alcohol using two fractionating columns, as is done in Caribbean rum distilleries. Thanks to this distillation equipment that is also possible on a small scale.
The design of this two-column still is the predecessor of the modern, present day column stills. Armagnac and rum are distilled in France and the Caribbean even today in this type of distillery. By use of a second and third container, high proof alcohol is rectified and, to a large extent, refined to a tasteless alcohol in one run.
   If you want to produce high proof alcohol (or fuel) on a small scale, and use different rectification steps for display purposes, you would be well served by this still. But please note that because of the small size of the still and high rectification you cannot expect to obtain a large amount of alcohol.
EUR 198,00
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
"CopperGarden®" still Arabia 0.5 liter Lifetime Supreme

CopperGarden® still 0.5L Arabia Lifetime Supreme

    We can recommend this very versatile hobby still from the CopperGarden® forge without hesitation. The still is not only nice to look at, but it also offers many features which are usually only found in significantly larger stills. With slight deviations from the pictures there are also some improvements and changes in the new range. The junction at the swan neck and the condenser is screwed, which ensures a safe connection between the condenser and the still. On the condenser itself there is a cool water intake, which enables you to attach a proper cool water circulation system and provide constant cooling during lengthy distillation.
EUR 189,00
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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