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Blue lavender blossoms for steam distillation - 500 g

Blue lavender blossoms for steam distillation

Lavender is a member of the mint family and is often used for perfume extraction.
You are purchasing a product that is ideally suited for the extraction of essential oils and fragrant hydrolates. The aroma-protected and light-protected packaging ensures a consistently excellent quality for a long time.

Simply fill the flowers in the plant / drug room. The flowers must not be pressed. Close your system and distil at medium to high heat setting. For drug containers height> diameter, you can set the heating level higher. Find out the ideal distillation speed for your system yourself. The lavender flowers offered here have a high oil yield.

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2 Liter Hobby Distillery with stainless steel helmet for Essential Oil - registration free

Legal 2 liter Hobby still made of stainless steel with distilling helmet for essential oils - registration free

Construction of optimized distilleries for over 10 years
A registration-free hobby still made of stainless steel. With this beautiful distillery you can produce hydrolates, essential oils and distilled water.
In Austria or Switzerland, you can also use this still legally as a classic potstill with helmet for making a brandy. Or you can fill the helmet's aroma basket with fruits or herbs to create a delicious spirit.
Easy to use:

  • Fill approx. 1.5 liters of distilled water into the boiler,

  • fill the half-closed and raised aroma basket with fresh herbs or flowers, or with drugs and place in the cauldron,

  • Seal as described below,

  • Put on helmet 2. with distillation module 3. and tighten tension locks 1.1,

  • Screw the water hoses to the radiator, connect one end (3.4) to a submersible pump (eg aquarium pump), and the other end (3.5) into a cooling water reservoir.

  • Switch on the heat source and collect the hydrolate and oil at 3.7,

Distil for a maximum of 30 minutes over medium heat. After 15 minutes, the original should be changed for the first time, the amount of oil assessed and the ph value determined.
The distilling pot and all distillate pipes are made of stainless steel.

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